Omega Lift Equipment Creepers & Mechanic's Seats
Creepers & Mechanic's Seats

Omega offers a complete line of professional grade, metal framed creepers.  They all have capacities of 400lb or more and all have solid 3 inch PVC wheels these are creepers built to work for the long haul. 

Whether you are looking at our simple low profile creeper or our top of the line multi position “Z” creepers all Omega mechanics creepers are designed for comfort and reliability at a price you can afford.

The Omega Tool Box Creeper is just the right height for many different jobs from brake jobs, suspension work, even working on motorcycles.  The toolbox is just the right size for the tools for one repair so you don’t have to keep returning to your main toolbox in the middle of a job.


450 lb Z-Creeper

2 in 1 Seat-Stool Combo

400 lb Low Profile Creeper

450 lb Low Profile Z-Creeper

450 lb Toolbox Creeper